Looking for Research Scholars for Alternative Academic Insititution Incubator

Scholarship Workshop 2023 is an 8-week in-person incubator for new scholarly institutions, taking place June 4 – July 29 in a rural location in New York state. Food and lodging are covered, and a stipend is also provided.

Together with about 20 other participants, you will study the past and present of scholarly institutions and use this knowledge to found scholarly institution start-ups. The program schedule will also include hikes, visits to nearby sites, recreational outings, etc., according to interest.

We aim for a diverse group of participants in this workshop with respect to race/ethnicity, gender, ideology, religion, disciplinary affiliation (e.g. STEM, arts, humanities), life experiences, class, age, etc.


Working interest in improving the conditions of work and study in academia. Capacity for disciplined work, whether study, research, or entrepreneurial organizing. Intellectual honesty and open-mindedness. Can live and work well with others in community.

You can find the application here It is due on March 19th Sunday.