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Warm welcome to IGDORE, Mikael Ring!

Mikael have his PhD from Gothenburg University and has worked at two other Universities in Sweden before returning to Gothenburg a couple of years ago. He has experience from research and consultancy within a wide range of different areas, with the common interest in the relation between place, human activities and society. The most common used methods are interviews, collaborative methods, discourse analysis and participant observations. Mikael is very much looking forward to contribute to the Open Science community.

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Welcome to IGDORE @Micke :wave:

I’m interested to hear more about your consulting. Were you doing this while working at Universities, or was it after you’d left your other positions? We’re also looking to expand the IGDORE research consultancy and it would be great to hear your perspectives.


Thank you Gavin! I have mainly done assessments both before and during working at universities. But, before my position, I was working as a consultant for the Swedish Road Administration doing ground research on innovative design principles for social interaction in traffic. At one point I was interested in ongoing evaluations and I followed a couple of ESF projects, supporting the project group in keeping goals and also conducting a formative assessment. I was also part of a national evaluation of EU:s rural development program for the Swedish Board of Agriculture. During this period I also worked with companies in developing strategies for sustainability and did a private-public company project on sports equipment for children with and without disabilities. So, the work I have been doing has been close to organizations and companies and for extensive periods, the ESF projects lasted for instance over two years. I hope I can throw in a question here as well. I had a request from an ESF project in Denmark who wanted collaboration on what to do with former Mink farms since they had to extinct them due to Covid. Is it possible to participate in this project within IGDORE in terms of being a legit partner? Best regards Mikael


Thanks for sharing Mikael!

Interesting, I’ve actually had the opposite experiences with the (more limited) consulting I’ve done. When working for private companies I was usually involved in quite brief projects, while when I was working for universities the projects have been much more extensive. But I was mostly doing data analysis/modelling and I expect any trends are somewhat field-specific.

I sent a DM about the partnering question.

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Välkommen @Micke! :wave: Extra glad to see a fellow Swede join IGDORE and the forum. I’m also in Gothenburg.

Are you on Twitter? If so, I can add you to a private group for Open Science Community Sweden. We also have a category here on the forum that I can add you to if you want to? Most people in OSCS are on Twitter though and prefer to stay there so the category here on the forum is rather quiet but it wouldn’t take many people to change that.

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Thank you Rebecca, I would appreciate that!

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