Paola Di Maio

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Working as Science and Technology Correspondent and freelance editor in London in the nineties, triggered Paola’s interest in science and engineering. She subsequently obtained an MSc in Information Systems (2000) and a PhD at the convergence of Knowledge Systems and Systems Engineering Research. (2012) from UK universities. She worked as a Postdoc in AI and Neuroscience in Taiwan. An advocate and early proponent of open science, her PhD thesis (2012) was based on Open Access in Systems Engineering Research and was among the first doctoral theses to include FOI in the research methodology. She is the Director of, a independent resarch institute currently focused on the convergence of systems, knowledge representation and neuroscience. She invites collaborations in relation to Systemic Deviation in Scholarly Publishing, a research project investigating malpractice in academia and scholarly publishing and research funding.

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Welcome to IGDORE @paoladm :wave:

How is the epistemic inclusivity project going?

Thank you Gavin for your interest The preprint of the paper which triggered the topic was posted, and I have an amended version of my research note (adding a previous reference to the topic in another content) But the preprint version is incorrect and incomplete, so waiting for the go ahead after acceptance to make further amendments

I am working on other topics and tight deadlines and have very sore eyes will keep you informed’ Let me know if you are interested in the topic we can talk PDM