Awesome admission of bias by Andrew Gelman

" I didn’t just make a mistake (of two orders of magnitude!). I made a mistake that fit my story. My story was that the paper in question had problems—indeed I’m skeptical of its claims, for reasons discussed in the linked post and which had nothing to do with sample size—and so it was all too easy for me to believe it had other problems."

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for ‘things’ like this, i always go straight to the comment. lo and behold, i found the exchange i sought for, that is between andrew and daniel navarro.

i would like to add if only scientists and scholars scrutinize and criticize ‘real power’ as much as themselves, we might have better lives.

‘real power’ here can mean governments, corporations, and institutions in general, especially those closest to them, like their universities or workplace.

i get tired of people (in general) scrutinizing and criticizing each other and seemingly forgetting the ‘system’ or ‘structure’ which hums along happily with the status quo.