GitKraken, an open source, cross-platform git client

I will start by recommending GitKraken , an open source, cross-platform git client. gitkraken-social-icon It is not strictly FLOSS because the developer is a private company called AxoSoft (DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with this company or any of its partners). However, I still recommend it because it is incredibly user-friendly. I use it to synchronize my projects on different hosting services (GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket) using a clear GUI. A YouTube tutorial on how to use your GitHub repositories via GitKraken can be found here.

Give it a try!


Hey @antonio.schettino,
thanks for recommending it! You reminded me of its existence :smile:
I tried to use it before, but didn’t succeed installing it. Now the Debian/Ubuntu package installed like a charm.
Thanks again!

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Hey @alexandrejaguar,
glad that I could jog your memory! I am in no way affiliated with AxoSoft, but they have such a great product! I have used the command line in R and the GitHub desktop client, but nothing beats the completeness and user-friendliness of GitKraken :smiley: