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A long overdue update to the IGDORE output page has now been made. A lot of publications from 2020 was added and it’s now a substantially longer list than before. Good work IGDORE researchers and thank you for indicating your IGDORE affiliation on your publications! I’ll try and update it more regularly in future.

IGDORE affiliates - if you can’t find any of your publications or sport any errors on this page, please post here or send me a PM. Note that I’ve only included publications that directly indicate an IGDORE affiliation.

New publications can also be posted here as well.


Hi, everyone! Wanted to share my newest pub.

Thanks for all the support.



Delighted to see that @Orison_Woolcott 's paper has been published:

Woolcott, O.O., Castilla-Bancayán, J.P. The effect of age on the association between diabetes and mortality in adult patients with COVID-19 in Mexico. Sci Rep 11, 8386 (2021).



Zahid Ullah also has a joint paper published:

Modelling and analysis of virtual power plants interactive operational characteristics in distribution systems

Zahid Ullah

Nayyar Hussain Mirjat

First published: 26 April 2021


Really cool paper by @bfarrar :

Replication and Reproducibility in Primate Cognition Research



Parabéns @Larissa_Peixoto! Estou animado por ler o seu artigo.

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New paper by @malin.hk :

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Recently, @Michelle and Walter David moderated a session at the UNOCHA:

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@ainara.mancebo is on her feet as she is presenting ‘Populism and opposition party behaviour in the Parliament of South Africa’ at the 26th World Congress of Political Science in July:

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@Michelle has a new paper. She is also presenting at an upcoming conference:


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@paoladm launches new column in BuddhistDoor Mindful Technology (https://www.buddhistdoor.net/features/mindful-technology). Here is her latest blogpost:



@Michelle and Walter David from Ronin go from strength to strength as they are to present again on 2nd June at the Crisis Management and Disasters Management Centre of Excellence Annual Conference on a very important topic: ‘The Climate Change, Conflict and Migration Nexus in the Global Security Context’:

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Another publication from @kais.baatour. Congratulations on your first senior author publication Kais :slight_smile: :clap:

Effect of cultural tightness-looseness on money laundering: a cross-country study https://doi.org/10.1108/JMLC-03-2021-0025


New joint publication by Samual Williams:


Two new papers from @amelie.gourdon as well as a mention in the UK


The second paper also got her mentioned in the Evening Standard :clap:

Dr Amelie Gourdon-Kanhukamwe, a senior lecturer in behavioural science at Kingston University, said research has shown appealing to guilt can be less effective in achieving behaviour change compared with appealing to positive emotions.

She told PA: “Some of the recent research on vaccination communication that I have been involved in has highlighted that promoting autonomy is more likely to be effective than using messages that might be perceived to be controlling or raise feelings of guilt.”

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Very glad to have uploaded two video recordings of my recent presentations on YouTube and Vimeo:

Chinese Activity Constructions: Light Verb Syntax and Adnominalization

Ibero-Romance complementation: historical-comparative microvariation

Please take a look if interested!

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@john.larocco has just published a new blogpost on the Ronin blog:

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New paper by @Orison_Woolcott:

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Another story by @john.larocco :

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