Keith Tse

Welcome to IGDORE, Keith Tse!


Keith is a professional and academic linguist who specializes in formal theoretical syntax with expertise and training in Western Indo-European and Romance languages and East Asian Chinese Linguistics. After studying Classics and Modern Languages (Spanish) at Balliol College, University of Oxford where he was introduced to all the main branches of the Humanities, he moved into Theoretical Linguistics in his postgraduate degree at the University of Manchester where he wrote his dissertation under the supervision and guidance of Professor Nigel Vincent on Romance prepositional infinitival complementisers. He then worked as a public service interpreter and freelance researcher for several years in the north of England before doing a Research Degree at the University of York where he submitted a substantial dissertation on Formal Historical Syntax under the supervision of Professor Giuseppe Longobardi and Professor George Tsoulas . His work revolves around the uses of Copulas in Cleft-constructions, the typology of Adnominalisers, Differential Case-Marking and Historical Syntax, in addition to which I have secondary interests in Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Linguistics and Sociolinguistics.

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