[Link] Helen Kara: Mind The Gap In The Literature

I saw this article recently by Helen Kara, which makes the point that failing to recognize prior literature isn’t good scholarly practice. While there are quite a few questionable research practices that have been recognized (i.e. P-hacking, HARKing, etc.) are there similarly recognized poor scholarly practices? Besides failing to cite prior literature, some others I can think of are over selling results and publishing in inappropriate journals. (Actually, the Intellectual Honesty section of the TU/E code of ethics generally points towards good scholarly practice, but I don’t know if the opposite is typically recognized as bad practice)


i am actually obsessive about finding sources or literature, and would spend an inordinate amount of time searching and reading them.

in fact, i think for most of my writings, at least half the time is spent doing the above. i use zotero and google drive to store and share them publicly.

my pet peeve for poor scholarly practice by indonesian(ist)s is the use of ‘indonesia’ as a title in many english language publications.

i feel very offended that the name of the whole country is used, but only certain area or certain indonesians are examined.