Mindful Presentations

Warm hello to everyone - within the mindful researchers initiative we are starting a new format of “mindful presentations”: a space that invites researchers to present an element from their work, inspiration, tools or questions, followed by reflection and open conversation with the others present.

Yesterday we met with Niko, Willeke, Wolfgang and I, to prepare the first session (on Friday June 18, 18:30h CET) - I am posting my notes below, hoping they land on fertile grounds with others here, and that this can become a place for this format (our notes, ideas, experience around it) to live and develop further.


Hi @AnniLou, welcome to the forum :wave:

Thanks for sharing this, it sounds very interesting and I’d like to attend. I feel I don’t do enough structured and collaborative reflection on my work now that I’m doing independent research and I think this could be helpful. (Also I like your notes meeting, mine are usually less presentable!)

Do you have a registration page to attend the presentations?

Hi Gavin!

thanks for your reply and interest - yes, or there is a more general sign-up to the mindful researchers’ newsletter, if you’d like to stay informed about future sessions.

We always meet here:

The next/first session is on Friday June 18, 6:30-8pm, where Willeke, Niko and I will present. You are welcome to join!

just fyi:

  • see also Wolfgang’s post on past events
  • next Friday, June 4, 6:30-8pm CET, at the same zoom link, there will be a listening circle, this time loosely structured around the topic of contrast/opposites in ourselves and our environment, and how they do/do not help us to notice and respond to our needs.

warmly, Annika

So great to see the mindful researcher gardeners here! Any time you can spend in their company is a gift. It’s good to remember that universities are not “knowledge factories.” Rather, they contain hundreds of knowledge gardens: interfaces to infinite play. We need to reseed these with gardeners who know how to play. Here’s something to read if you have a few minutes: https://openscientist.pubpub.org/pub/47exke1p/release/2?readingCollection=c1701ebd


For those who want to know more, here a description of the “Mindful Presentations” format from the latest Mindful Researchers newsletter:

In our new Mindful Presentations format on Friday, June 18 , Annika Lübbert, Willeke Rietdijk and Nikola Winter will give 15’ presentations, followed by an open conversation (in the spirit of Listening Circles). Instead of “ordinary presentations” that we usually give to academic peers, these short talks will invite our deeper reflections on why and how we care about our research, as well as our non-academic ventures, ambitions, motivations, inspirations, contemplative practices, and questions in life that matter to us. Please mark your calendars and join us for this premiere! :slight_smile: