Open Psychology & Law Science

I run a Twitter account called OpenPsychLaw. I share and retweet things relevant to psych & law / forensic psychology / criminology and open & replicable science, including sharing articles in the field that are preregistered and/or have open data or open materials. In this thread I will cross-post everything or at least most of the things from there, but everyone is also very welcome to post and comment here anything else that’s relevant.

Ping the psych & law people I know are already on the forum: @jasonchin, @EmmaBolundLauenstein, Do ping anyone else you think might be interested!


New preprint by @jasonchin and colleagues: Questionable Research Practices and Open Science in Quantitative Criminology.

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Thanks for posting it here! I am strating to learn psychology & law science and want to gather many inseful information, but I am not using Twitter( Please, teell me if you will post new things? I like tour thread like yhiis))

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Hi @Montoya! You can activate alerts by selecting ‘Watching’ on this thread. Let me know if you experience issues.

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