Opportunities at New Science

In the summer of 2022, in Boston, New Science will launch a one-of-a-kind basic science accelerator. We will select a group of up to ten extraordinary young scientists who have the drive and the vision to pursue a high-risk independent research idea in the area of the life sciences.

In contrast to traditional programs where you are either given freedom to work on your project and are left to your own devices or are attached to a more experienced scientist and their project to work on, New Science 2022 Summer fellowship will give its fellows both:

  1. Complete intellectual freedom to pursue and to direct a project of their own creation.
  2. As much on-the-ground support and mentorship from New Science as possible.

Specifically, New Science will provide you with:

  1. Help to refine and concretize your ideas, in order to attack them as directly and as productively as possible over the summer.
  2. Lab space in Boston and all of the equipment you need.
  3. In-lab support from our staff with wet lab experiments, computational, and theoretical work.
  4. Access to our network of more experienced scientists who will mentor you and advise you but not tell you what to do or what to think.
  5. Several other brilliant young scientists, likely to become your close friends and potential future collaborators over the summer.
  6. $5,000/month in project costs.
  7. $25,000 in computational credits over the summer (no cryptocurrency mining :slightly_smiling_face:).
  8. $6,000/month stipend (plus additional $2,000/month in child support per child).
  9. Research workshops and opt-in social and educational events (hikes, invited talks, happy hours, technique demos, etc.).

The fellowship is focused on independent researchers doing independent work. You will be driving your project and growth day to day. We expect that, by default, the fellow will determine every degree of freedom in the project idea and execution, but encourage reaching out to fellows and mentors as much as necessary.

Although anyone can apply, we expect that the program is best suited for those with 3-6 years of research experience, i.e. experienced undergraduates, graduate students, lab techs, or people outside of the traditional academic path with similar level of scientific maturity.

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Starting September 2022, New Science will run a fellowship with a single goal: to provide maximal leverage to talented young scientists who are working on ambitious ideas in the basic life sciences. For this, New Science will provide fellows with the resources and autonomy to independently direct their research, which they would not otherwise be able to do until much later in their careers.

We will be providing every fellow with the following 12-month core package:

  1. Biology benches with access to a chemistry bench and a machine shop in a newly-built and highly-equipped shared lab space at The Engine in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts, a 5-minute walk to MIT (see here for the full list of available amenities fellows will have access to), plus a desk in the shared office space.
  2. $100,000 in project costs (for wet lab experiments and/or computational credits).
  3. A stipend of $80,000 and full healthcare coverage (+additional stipend for fellows with dependents).
  4. Access to our network of scientists in and outside of Boston.

In addition to the core package, we will offer customized support that leverages the unique talents of each individual fellow. We will work with every fellow to scope their project and determine the resources that would maximize their chance of success. For example:

  1. Perhaps you have found your ideal “scientific co-founder” with whom your research is greatly accelerated, but who can’t continue as your partner for various structural or organizational reasons. Instead of destroying the magic, we will simply get you both into the program.
  2. Conversely, perhaps your project has great potential but can’t realize it without a team of other capable scientists or technicians helping to execute it. Instead of making you wait to start building a team as a full-fledged PI, we’ll help you find a co-fellow or lab tech to join and support you in building out your lab.
  3. Perhaps your project would benefit from outsourcing or automation. In that case, we’ll investigate how to provide you with services like Science Exchange, Emerald Cloud Labs, and other CROs.