SIPS Meeting 2019 Rotterdam

Who’s going to SIPS 2019 ( in Rotterdam (Netherlands)?

I’ll be there.

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I also want to go! Have’t booked yet tho… have you?

Yes, I registered several months ago!

We seem to be at least 4 researchers from IGDORE joining this year’s SIPS meeting in Rotterdam, Netherlands: @antonio.schettino @amelia.zein @lilian.jans-beken and myself.

Maybe we should have IGDORE’s first non-virtual meet up some time during the conference? It could be a breakfast or something, that is also open to anyone who is curious about IGDORE?

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That sounds like a plan. As soon as the program is online, we can schedule something around it.

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According to the SIPS website, the conference will take place at Engels. Perhaps it would be easier to meet there for our breakfast. About the date, we could think of either Sunday (to kickstart SIPS) or Wednesday (the day after the last day of the conference). What would your preferences be?
If I remember correctly @sophie.osterberg was also thinking of coming… still up for it?

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I’d definitely glad to join the meet up! I will be around Rotterdam from Thursday (4 July, for the pre-conference workshop) and will be leaving on Wednesday morning. Or the meeting could be in the evening after the conference (a dinner, perhaps?), but breakfast sounds okay to me.


I am coming too! Sunday morning sounds like a really good option. I might leave Wednesday morning as well.

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I saw on Twitter that @ljerka.ostojic is coming too. So we’re at least 6 people from IGDORE at SIPS! Awesome!

Do we know if there’s anything else exciting scheduled for the Sunday morning, before the official start of the conference? PSA meeting e.g.? If so, then we could just try to choose a different time during the same morning / before lunch on the Sunday.

I’m thinking that we’ll make the meet up a public event, inviting anyone who is curious about IGDORE to show up. Any thoughts on that?

Sounds good to me!

I haven’t heard of any other event on Sunday morning yet. There seems to be a SIPS preconference but I haven’t found any schedule or even date for it. Anyone else?

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Same here, haven’t found anything on the pre-conf workshop except for info that it’s sold out.

The IGDORE meetup in Rotterdam, NL, has now been scheduled!

Come for a coffee or brunch and let’s then together head over to the conference venue for the official start of SIPS at 13:00! A table for 10 people have been reserved. Please RSVP to make it easier for us to extend the reservation should it be needed.

Date: Sunday July 7th, 2019
Time: 11:00
Location: Blij (7 min walk from SIPS’ conference venue)

Everyone welcome!

Hi everybody. I am sorry for being a bit late to the party, but I just got confirmation that I will be attending SIPS too. I am looking forward to seeing you all at the meetup on Sunday.




That’s awesome!! Looking very much forward to seeing you again, Micke!