The American Statistician: 43 new OA papers on p-values

Statistical Inference in the 21st Century: A World Beyond p < 0.05

Special issue in The American Statistician about p-values and statistical inference. Articles by mathematicians as well as by replicability movement people like Ioannidis, Andrew Gelman, Geoff Cumming, Wagenmakers, and others.

Interview in Retraction Watch with one of the editors, Nicole Lazar, of the special issue.

Time to say goodbye to “statistically significant” and embrace uncertainty, say statisticians (

“While some of the changes proposed in the Special Issue will take time to sort out and implement, the abandonment of statistical significance – and, for example, declarations that there is an effect or there is not an effect – should start right away. That alone will be an improvement in practice that will spur further improvements.”

And a comment in Nature from 20th March, with more than 800 signatories:

Scientists rise up against statistical significance