The Chilling Effect of an Attack on a Scholar

This is a world famous scholar in my field (Linguistics) who has recently caused some commotion in academia due to his public comments and gestures on social media:

thanks @keithtse… i recently read the many opposing views on this… :slight_smile:

Jonathan Rauch (@jon_rauch) Tweeted: Hey @jessesingal @Yascha_Mounk, do we need a new term for people who say (1) there’s no threat to free speech and (2) here are things which cannot be legitimately debated? “Cancel culture denialism”? (

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This is certainly a delicate subject that should be discussed with openness and mutual respect. Pinker was actually one of the signatories of the Harper´s letter on open debate. Sharing in case you are interested:


Thanks @Fverag. Thw links i shared discussed the harper’s letter too. :slight_smile: