Theiss Research

I stumbled across Theiss Research, was (is?) a US organisation for independent scientists. They look to have been most active around 2005-2010 and seem to have received a decent amount of grant funding.

I’m posting a link to a wayback machine archive from 2016 as their current site isn’t well maintained, have you heard of them?


Hey Gavin, sorry for the delay on this. Interesting. I think I might have heard about them in passing, they seem familiar somehow, but I don’t know much about them. It was well before Jon even started thinking about Ronin (which was around 2011, I believe).

Turns out I was wrong to assume that a broken website indicated an inactive organisation.

Google Scholar shows regular and recent publications including a Theiss Research affiliation. And Guide Star shows their 2018 grant income was above $3MM!

I’m kind of surprised that such a well-established organisation for independent researchers has such a small web-presence and seems to be quite unknown within our circles :thinking:


Yes, it is bit surprising. My hunch is that the intention is perhaps less building a community and an organization, and more in the nature of a vehicle for the participants. A different, but no less valid approach. In that sense it may be more similar to the Fresh Pond Research Institute it’s run by Steven Orzack, who is also on the Ronin Board - Fresh Pond was partly what inspired Jon Wilkins to form Ronin itself, as I understand it.

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