Why we need the enterpreneurial state ala mazuccato?

Yeah, I think this generalizes to: Capital is very short-sighted - always. Have you read Entrepreneurial State? I just googled it and it looks good, will add to my reading list. This reminds me of the book @Gavin linked to, Venture Investing in Science.

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not yet the book, but i’ve watched mazzucato’s ted talk, lots of reviews and interviews on the book and related topic, and also follow mazzucato’s progress. :slight_smile: surya

if you are pressed for time just enter “mariana mazzucato” on youtube search box and watch several videos.

she’s popular because she’s a good public speaker. :slight_smile:

also, a side note, the late jon tennant have met her way before when she become famous. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’ll dig a little deeper, I’m sure I probably agree quite strongly with her thesis.