A Medical Student Questioned Microaggressions. UVA Branded Him a Threat and Banished Him from Campus.

ah, here is that word again… “gaslighting”… like “microagression”, i’m not sure that is an appropriate word to describe the person, hence the quote around the word in both mine and the article… :slight_smile:

“UVA’s administration engaged in behavior that can be described as “gaslighting.” Administrators asserted that Bhattacharya had behaved aggressively when he hadn’t, and then cited his increasing confusion, frustration, and hostility toward the disciplinary process as evidence that he was aggressive. And all of this because Bhattacharya asked an entirely fair question about microaggressions, a fraught subject.”

also, symmetrical hence pleasing use of phrasing here… what uva did might indeed be considered macroagression… :slight_smile:

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