A Simple Plan to Change the Way We Do Higher Education – Ronin Institute

A beautiful vision for the future of Universities from @johnpaulas at the Ronin Institute.

I really like the description of the future of education and motivated learning. How can we make this a reality?

In this new context, learner-led education is fundamental. We must recognize that every single person has something they are motivated to learn rather than assume that we have self-motivated learners on the one hand and bad students on the other. The ideas of the syllabus, curriculum, and canon have long been heavily wielded tools to impose the intellectual will of others onto learners. No more. In the higher education of the future, the personal motivations of learners, from teenagers to older adults, drive the learning environment completely. Individual projects that are produced collaboratively for the benefit of others are at the center. Using digital means, learners call upon experts in various areas of knowledge and professional practice to give suggestions to guide their projects. There are no classes, just small group meetings convened by the leader of a project.


Thanks, @Gavin - I really, really like this!

By turning the campus over to the community, the spaces and infrastructure become not hubs or centers, but flourishing margins for public, private, and non-profit activity.

I don’t know how realistic this is, but, as I said, I really like it and resonates with me (my ideals?) a lot.

Thanks @Gavin! Let’s discuss at the Unconference! (among other things!)

Thank you @pcmasuzzo for the words of support. I so greatly appreciate you saying that you like the idea, and the fact that this idea resonates with you (and your ideals : )!

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