Publication Academy, Output Authors Invited

I d like to invite all IGDORE authors who contributed at least one publication to the output (in 2021, 2020?) to join hands and provide a Publication Academy online course, free of charge for IGDORE and Ronin Institute scholars, and maybe for a small fee to others? If we get this project off the ground, we should be able to find funding for providing this training and creating an open access resource etc etc. Look forward to adhesions. Reply to this thread plz

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Hi @paoladm, interesting! Do you already have some ideas on the content of this course? Can you point to an existing course that inspired you? Or something you have already done?

Nice idea @paoladm! I like the idea of IGDORE’s authors sharing their knowledge with the community. I doubt that all authors would be interested/available to teach in the course but I expect enough people would be interested to make this work. Have you also pitched this at Ronin?

I think that reaching out by email would be the best way to get authors involved (as always, this forum is a bit less active than it could be…). I can help with this, but I agree with Antonio that it would be good to have a bit more of a developed description or at least a reference example for what your vision is.

Aside, would a MOOC format be suitable for the course? If so, it’s worth noting that @pcmasuzzo has been experimenting with an OpenEdx provider that we are looking at to host IGDORE educational content in future.

(incidentally, I notice that I haven’t yet contributed to the IGDORE’s output :frowning: Some affiliated papers should be coming next year :crossed_fingers: )

Thank you for your interest, when I worked as a lecturer I used to teach research methods and academic writing as part of the graduate programme, Here is a current program on offe as an example

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Gavin, Yes the MOOC platform provider will do, how do we go about set this up? I ll be happy to share my curriculum and resources and if others collaborate with this we could come up with a collective curriculum/resource Have not yet had the change to invite the Roniners to collaborate on this, will do sometime soon, or feel free to share the project as you see fit. Does Igdore have a place for a web page that we can open or shoujld we work on gituhub or what do you think?

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As another example, I recently saw that AuthorAID also offers 3 types of research writing MOOCs on Moodle (research writing in sciences, research writing in social sciences, research writing and proposal writing).

They recently won an award for these.

This looks excellent we may have to generate some added value wrt what is already available Maybe creating some verticals, addressing specific issues like registrations, research designs and domain specific writing tips

Maybe we should start a Igdore writing club

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