Academic Rights

I have been following a very interesting case of academic plagiarism in the US where a graduate student has been suing her former university and supervisors for plagiarism and is in turn being sued by them for libel and defamation. This has truly been a gut-wrenching tale and I would like to share them with you here:

Any thoughts and ideas most welcome and appreciated.

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Also, I recently received this petition request that I think will interest many of us here, though we need to act fast as it is deadlined at 15th January:

i completed my masters degree here in indonesia for a long TEN years due to a variety of what i deemed as ‚Äėacademic abuse‚Äô.

i refused to a large extent this abuse, hence the lengthy period. would elaborate later once i finished gathering information about the above case.

btw, i think almost ALL indonesian students were ‚Äėabused academically‚Äô the same way, but remained quiet as they wish to graduate.

i vowed that i would end this ‚Äėacademic abuse‚Äô once i graduate, by passing a national law on student-supervisor relation. we‚Äôll see.

in the meantime, i would be sending more information about this case later. :slight_smile:

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this financial times article is the first entry on google news when i search for ‚Äėallison harbin‚Äô:

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Thank you Surya. It has been a while since I last got in touch with Allison and I should get in touch with her soon. This seems to be a very important dialogue for us and let’s keep it going.