Announcing the passing of our dear colleague Dr. Jon P. Tennant

It is with immense sadness and shock we hereby confirm that our dear colleague Dr. Jonathan P. Tennant (Jon) passed away in a motorcycle accident in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, during the early morning of April 9th, local time. Jon was not yet 32 years old. Our most heartfelt condolences go to his family and we wish them all the strength possible in living through the pain of losing their loved one.

Colleagues who want to express condolences to Jon’s family may do so at this dedicated email address: We will save all emails and make sure they reach the family.

The IGDORE Global Board

his spirit lives… let’s build the world he and all of us strived for…


This is sad news for our community. My thoughts go out to his close friends and family.


several hours ago, i wanted to post that i would like to continue the effort to clear jon’s reputation…

aside from his family, i felt he communicated with me the most about his case… perhaps it was because i compiled as thorough a research as humanly possible last year to defend him in my mind, as i needed to decide whether to continue to be his friend or just an acquaintance… i shared my research with him, and he was grateful for it, and we continued to communicate intensively about the case…

i held off because i thought the continuation of his effort to clear his reputation might bring more pain than gain, especially to his family, what with ‘bygones be bygones’ and ‘time heals all wound’…

however, as the tweet below show, perhaps this effort needs to be continued after all… last week, jon said he read the 3000 plus pages of document he was sent, and discussed a lot of it with me, perhaps over two days, sent me some vital screenshots, and still we couldn’t figure out what is it that he was accused of to merit public announcement after the initial private one…

i would let jon’s family decide… i think his sister, @Rebecca10, is here…


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Worth thinking about as a hagiography of Jon Tennant seems to be emerging today."


I did see the original tweet by the academic you refer to and I then raised it immediately within the IGDORE Global Board. We see and will remember things like this.

The original tweet has now been deleted. I did notice that it got surprisingly many retweets, but also that it didn’t get many likes at all. I think most people realise that this is not the time and that anything being raised right now will not harm Jon, it will only harm the family. I believe the right thing to do right now is to publicly ignore any tweets/posts by academics who like this one tried to hurt the family. Let’s screenshot it when/if it happens and save it for later.


This news put me in a state of shock.

Honestly, the time restrictions didn’t let me know Jon better, but he seemed to me such an inspiring person. I still remember the first day when I registered on Slack and he introduced IGDORE to me. He said that I definitely had to contact this community (eventually I did) and my perspectives widened again. I accidentally spotted those amounts of pressure that had been put on his shoulders but wasn’t able to read about the issue due to time.

Now we can see that many people are talking about Jon no matter to what extent they have known him. Of course, some say nasty things but they will never silence good ones. I see clearly that he will continue to live on in our memories.

Stay strong.


“Patah tumbuh hilang berganti, gugur satu tumbuh seribu.”

jon’s passing also reminds me of lula’s speech… :slight_smile:

"There is no use in trying to stop my ideas. They’re already in the air, and you can’t imprison them.

There’s no point in trying to stop my dreams, because when I stop dreaming, I’ll be dreaming through your minds and dreams!

There’s no point thinking that everything’s going to stop, the day that I have a heart attack. Because my heart will be beating through yours, and there are millions of hearts!

The powerful can kill one, two, or 100 roses, but they can’t stop the arrival of spring.

And our fight is in search of spring!"

This news is deeply saddening. I did not get a chance to know Jon, having only recently joined IGDORE and this forum. There are far too few fighting for the principles of openness in science, and I’m sure we would have had much to discuss given the chance. My sincere condolences to his family and the community.

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hi folks, we are using to raise fund to clear jon’s reputation and to continue his adocacy work through relevant lawsuits.

to my knowledge, there are many people like jon being frustrated by the open science elites who are cozying up with the billion dollar publishers.

they need some sort of a defence fund so that jon’s case would be the last of its kind. two examples:

anyone interested to write for the crowdjustice page? guide video here: also, some points to be filled together:

"Who are you?


Call to action

What are you trying to achieve?

What is the next step in the case?

How much you are raising and why?"