Are you interested in a free tool to keep up with biomedical research literature?

Biomed News is a free machine learning based tool to keep up with the biomedical research literature. You will receive a weekly ranked list of abstracts on your topic of interest. You select abstracts relevant to your topic of interest which then teach the tool your preferred types of abstracts and this continues on a weekly basis with further improvements to the learning. This tool aims to make make the discovery of literature more efficient by using your preferences in a regulary scheduled format and all for free. Our website is, see our current reports reports and to start a report for yourself bims: open a report. Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any questions.


Hi @Gavin_McStay, welcome to the forum :wave: and thanks for sharing Biomed News. I’ve come across the site a few times but never actually realized that it was machine learning supported - I thought that the curator’s work was entirely manual (i.e. they find and add papers to their report). Obviously, I missed a huge part of what is going on! Now that I know, I might try starting a report myself :slight_smile:

Hi Gavin, thanks for getting in touch. Machine learning is an essential part of our platform. Maybe I need to communicate that fact better. I got your report details so I’ll get that set up for you as soon as possible.

Some of your users might also be interested in the LitSuggest content alert system from NIH, which also uses machine learning: LitSuggest

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