Open Science Saves Lives: Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear all,

I have recently been involved in a very nice project about Open Science and scientific publishing/dissemination at large, especially in light of these critical times of health emergency we’re all living in. This together with @cooper.smout and a bunch of other peeps :slight_smile:

We looked into fast-track peer-review, the news uptake of non-peer-reviewed, sometimes even flawed/retracted articles, and presence of conflicts of interest. You can find the preprint with the analyses illustrated here:

We also opened a call for a co-signing of the article, which you can find here:

What does this mean? If you agree with the article (issues or solutions highlighted or both) and if you are convinced we should promote more open, reliable, and especially responsible research, you can sign it off and show your support.

Please do keep in mind you have until the last day of August to sign the petition. Thanks!

I am happy to answer any questions and, of course, we very much welcome feedback!!


Happy to read this. :slight_smile:

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