Diabetes and Mortality among patients with COVID-19

Hello everybody,

I would like to share with my IGDORE colleagues my recent preprint about COVID-19. In symptomatic adult patients with COVID-19 in Mexico, diabetes was associated with higher mortality. This association decreased with age. https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.11.25.20238345



Congratulations @Orison_Woolcott! It is always interesting to hear more about the unusual epidemiology of COVID

Thank you very much, Gavin. Orison

Our COVID-19 preprint has been peer-reviewed and published (https://rdcu.be/ciN6X). In hospitalized patients with COVID-19 in Mexico, those 20-39 years of age with diabetes had a ~50% higher risk of death than patients without diabetes. In contrast, patients ≥80 years of age with diabetes had a similar risk of death than those without diabetes. Looking forward to verifying our findings in other populations.

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