Doktorandkurs på KI (distans, 3 hp): Open and reproducible research

Title Open science and reproducible research
Course number 2963
Programme 0-Not part of doctoral programme
Language English
Credits 3.0
Date 2021-03-08 – 2021-03-19
Responsible KI department Department of Clinical Neuroscience
Specific entry requirements
Purpose of the course The purpose of the course is to provide an overview of current challenges in reproducibility and to provide tools and skills for students wishing to practice science openly.
Intended learning outcomes After the course, students should be able to:
  • Analyse reproducibility problems in science, including the impact of analysis flexibility and questionable research practices, and identify practices contributing to improved reproducibility
  • Account for principles of replication research
  • Preregister research protocols and assess others’ preregistered research protocols
  • Openly publish scientific works including data and code, and find and make use of scientific works, including data and code, published by others.|

|Contents of the course| - The ““reproducibility crisis”” in biomedical sciences: what is it?

  • Research fraud and questionable research practices
  • Impact of bias due to analysis flexibility
  • Observed statistical power and implications for inference
  • Comprehensive methods reporting and field-specific guidelines
  • Preregistration of protocols
  • Replication research
  • Open access publishing
  • Open materials, open data, and open code
  • Introduction to principles of data re-use in secondary analyses and meta-analyses|
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