Easing Into Open Science: A Guide for Graduate Students and Their Advisors

Recent IGDORE affiliate Priya Silverstein co-authored a guide on easing into Open Science. Targeted at students and their advisors, but probably useful for anybody who wants to start moving towards Open Science practices in their research.

This article provides a roadmap to assist graduate students and their advisors to engage in open science practices. We suggest eight open science practices that novice graduate students could begin adopting today. The topics we cover include journal clubs, project workflow, preprints, reproducible code, data sharing, transparent writing, preregistration, and registered reports. To address concerns about not knowing how to engage in open science practices, we provide a difficulty rating of each behavior (easy, medium, difficult), present them in order of suggested adoption, and follow the format of what, why, how, and worries. We give graduate students ideas on how to approach conversations with their advisors/collaborators, ideas on how to integrate open science practices within the graduate school framework, and specific resources on how to engage with each behavior. We emphasize that engaging in open science behaviors need not be an all or nothing approach, but rather graduate students can engage with any number of the behaviors outlined.

  • Open Science Journal Club (Level: Easy)
  • Project Workflow (Level: Easy)
  • Preprints (Level: Easy)
  • Reproducible Code (Level: Medium)
  • Sharing Data (Level: Medium)
  • Transparent manuscript writing (Level: Medium)
  • Preregistration (Level: Medium)
  • Registered Report (Level: Difficult)

Thanks for sharing, Gavin! If anyone has any questions about the paper let me know :slight_smile:


This is brilliant work, congrats @Priya_Silverstein !

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