Good Science Project

A new metascience advocacy organisation, started by Stuart Buck, who was the VP of research at Arnold Ventures (which has been a major OS funder). The issues it will work on are:

  1. Reducing unnecessary bureaucracy
  2. Funding high-risk, high-reward science
  3. Improving scientific quality
  4. Funding exploration
  5. Rebalancing the research enterprise

Our mission is to improve the funding and practice of science.

Funding agencies should engage in bold experimentation to reduce bureaucracy, fund new ideas, and speed up innovation. Moreover, they should make much more data available so that independent scholars can evaluate the results.

For more on these ideas, read our Good Science Funding Manifesto.

The Good Science Project engages in communications and public advocacy towards these goals. Our theory of change is that communications can affect the course of public debate, and ultimately influence policymakers.

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