ISRF Independent Scholar Fellowship Competition


This looks great Keith, thanks for letting us know about it. I’d never heard of the ISRF before, but am happy to see that they offer a diverse range of funding programs and provide support for independent social science researchers in Europe.

I hope that this of interest to some IGDORE researchers and we are happy to provide letters of recommendation or other assistance (e.g. comments on proposals) with any affiliates application.


Next, i would like to see funding cooperation. :slight_smile:

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The application for this fellowship is due on August 14th - time to start preparing if you’re planning to apply!

Also, I contacted the ISRF and found out that, unfortunately, IGDORE is not eligible to act as a host institution for this fellowship, as hosts should have a physical campus in Europe. However, I still encourage IGDORE affiliated researchers to apply if interested. You will have to be hosted by a physical European academic institution but according to the eligibility portion of the FAQ, the ISRF can help you do this and it does not need to be arranged in advance:

Applicants are not expected to arrange the affiliation themselves – this would be negotiated by the ISRF post-award decision. Applicants may choose not to fill in the section of the application form relating to the potential host institution – this will not prejudice their application.