Metascience 2021

Registration is now open! An early-bird discount is available until August 1st at a very reasonable price, and it’s great that a discount (free) registration option is provided so that anybody without funding can easily attend.

Events and lightning talks can be submitted until June 30. Is anybody on the forum going to submit a presentation?

I’m looking forward to this :smiley:


Thanks for the heads up, have registered :slight_smile:

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@jasonchin I saw you and a few other AIMOS folk are on the organizing committee for this - but I’m still a bit confused about whether the AIMOS 2021 conference is part of this, or will be a separate event. Can you clarify?

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They are partner events - we are on the organizing committee and are helping to develop the program, etc. But we will still have our conference about a month after.

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Did anyone see any memorable sessions at Metascience 2021? I didn’t end up seeing many sessions live and plan to catch up on a few when COS has posted all the videos.

One that I did like was the debate on QRPs as an ethics violation. There was a critical discussion on both sides.

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