AIMOS 2021 (30 Nov - 3 Dec)

AIMOS 2021 is now receiving expression of interest for attendance. Content submissions will be recieved until October 30th.

Metaresearch brings together questions about incentives and efficiencies in scientific practice, research integrity and management, and the reliability of the evidence base for practice, decisions and policy. Open Science relates to data and code sharing, open source software development, open access, open peer review and transparency of methods and analysis. The 3rd annual conference of the Association for Interdisciplinary Metaresearch and Open Science (aimos) is an opportunity for scholars, practitioners and institutional representatives to share knowledge, develop and discuss initiatives to improve the practice and culture of science, and to foster the growing community of metaresearchers globally.

aimos 2021 will be a partially unstructured conference with a range of interspersed session types followed by Q & A and will comprise:

  • plenary lectures and mini-notes (by invitation only)
  • lightning panels- short talks grouped by theme (open submission)
  • workshops - experienced researchers give guided instruction and training on a particular topic (open submission)
  • hackathons - a hands-on project with a clear end goal (open submission)
  • discussion groups - unstructured but should have a focal issue or question (open submission)

In 2021 the conference will also support “discover metascience” sessions, which provide background and introduction for those new to aimos or metaresearch and open science more generally.

I enjoyed last years conference a lot and wrote up a short summary here: Association for Interdisciplinary Meta-research & Open Science conference (December 3&4) - #5 by Gavin

@jasonchin, can you leak any insider news about what will make this years conference special?


Yes! We are working on some really cool panels, like:

Improving statistical education When mistakes really matter Advances in alternative models of peer review

And it’s free!

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Registration is now open!

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