The Scholarship Values Summit

Continuing the discussion from Ronin-IGDORE unconference?:

All OS&A forum users are invited to the Scholarship Values Summit!

This event is co-organized by Ronin Institute & IGDORE

This FREE virtual event will take place on Airmeet (online platform) during three Sessions from 14 to 16 September, 2021 (details below). You can register for each Session separately, but you are welcome to attend them all!

Description: This unconference provides a space for participants to identify harmful scholarship-related systems that no longer work, and to define shared values in scholarship as a basis for creating new healthier systems that are more supportive of scholarship goals.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Anyone who considers themselves a scholar or an ally to scholars.

WHAT TO EXPECT?: Unconferences are participant-centered. Therefore, we’ll have a mix of short seed talks to help us kick off, a schedule board that participants will use to list a topic they want to discuss, break out groups around proposed topics, collaborative writing and creating, reflection breaks, and informal time to chat and meet each other. See here for more information.

SESSION 1 - 14 SEPTEMBER 3:00-5:30 PM US Eastern Time / 19:00-21:30 UTC

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Identify harmful systems in Scholarship

Goal: To identify the scholarship-related systems and actions that scholars participate in that lead to exploitation and harm.

SESSION 2 - 15 SEPTEMBER 9:00-11:30 PM US Eastern Time / 01:00-03:30 UTC

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Propose shared values for Scholarship

Goal: To define and propose a set of values for scholarship that can help scholars begin to extract themselves from exploitative and harmful systems, and engage in efforts that align better with our values and our current socioeconomic and environmental context.

SESSION 3 - 16 SEPTEMBER 9:00-11:30 AM US Eastern Time / 13:00-15:30 UTC

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Creating Change in Scholarship

Goal: Develop strategies for communicating and normalizing our stated values and proposed new systems.

Register here!

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@IGDORE don’t forget to register to attend the Summit if you’d like to attend and haven’t registered already (the deadline for registration is next Monday, 13th).

If you are attending, please help us attract some attention to the summit by posting about it on your socials using #ScholarshipVS2021 hashtag! Or you can share the announcements from IGDORE’s Facebook and LinkedIn or Ronin’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Hope to see many of you at the Summit next week :slight_smile:



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@arika.virapongse @Daniel-Mietchen and I are writing up summaries of the SVS2021 discussions (a bit late, but better late than never) and cross-posting them on the Ronin Blog and IGDORE Medium. Here is the summary of the first session.



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Just to make a bi-directional link: AIMOS 2021 (30 Nov - 3 Dec) - #4 by Gavin

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This looks great Gavin! Shall we publicise this on social media as we did for our ScholarshipVS2021 event? Please let us know!

New blogpost by Rami Saydjari on the Ronin blog which mentions our SVS event. This may be of interest to many of our independent scholars! @arika.virapongse @johnpaulas @jon.f.wilkins


Great blog by @arika.virapongse @Daniel-Mietchen @Gavin on our SVS event last year! One more to come in this three-part series!


Final part of our three-blog series on last year’s Scholarship Values Summit. Many thanks to @arika.virapongse @Daniel-Mietchen @Gavin for writing this up, and to all those who had a part in organising ScholarshipVS2021!

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Now up on Medium: