FLAWED SCIENCE (January 13-15; Starts today 15 CET!)

This event seems quite related to the discussion we had at The Scholarship Values Summit. h/t @Wolfgang.Lukas

Academia has a problem- too often, the actual practices of those working in it do not align with the values that science is supposed to be governed by. Systematic studies as well as dramatic publicized cases suggest that unethical and unscientific behaviors (bullying, abuse of power, corruption, fraudulent or ill-founded publications, a dominance of prestige-seeking research and publication strategies) seem to be unacceptably widespread.

In this conference, we will take a hard look at the nuts and bolts of academia, and at the system parameters that permit, or even promote, problematic behavior patterns among those who work in science. We will talk about how power is distributed, what behaviors are rewarded, how unhealthy power and incentive structures could be changed, and what amount and type of oversight would be needed.

Our goals are threefold: (1) raise awareness regarding the extent of the problem, and the factors contributing to it, (2) promote the interconnectedness among those who actively work on changing the status quo, and - most important - (3) offer concrete proposals as to what individuals and institutions may do to help establish more ethical, socially healthy and knowledge oriented academic work environments.

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