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Hi all,

I am about to kick off a new podcast on the future of academia (research and higher education). It will be in German.

I am wondering if any of you speak German and would be interested in talking to me about IGDORE, independent research, and your vision for a better version of academia. Just reply below or message me directly :slight_smile:

Cheers, Heidi


Here are some additional infos (in German) reboot-academia-podcast.pdf (277.2 KB)


Awesome initiative! And thanks for asking!

No one on the board speaks German, I believe. @Enrico.Fucci speaks a bunch of languages, but not German, I believe, at least not well enough.

But @jo.havemann is German and was previously on the Global Board. @amelia.zein, who has represented IGDOREa couple of times in Indonesia, will have to learn German because she’ll do a PhD there starting later this year, but I don’t think she speaks it yet.

@brettb has a general interest in independent research / new academia, and he’s German I believe.

Different German in Austria? There we have @Hannah, also with a general high interest in new academia, I think.

And a number of more people in Germany, see igdore.org/researchers/, who might have a general interest in the topic.


let’s turn academia off and on again! great title !

do you know of the open science radio, maybe you can work with them ? The orion open science podcast seem to have stopped, but Luiza is still active in the domain, you may want to talk to her too?


Thanks for the support @rebecca and @jcolomb!

I actually have good contacts to the guys from Open Science Radio and have recorded an episode for my other podcast with Luiza (Open Science Stories • A podcast on Anchor).

I’ll see if I can get a hold of any of the folks you mentioned Rebecca. Great tipps! :wink:

Dear @heidi, this podcast sounds awesome and indeed very much needed! Thank you for initiating this.

I am Austrian, live in Graz, and speak native German (kind of ;-)). Same for @AnniLou, who is actually German and lives in Hamburg!

We are perhaps not qualified to say very much about IGDORE itself, as we are “just normal members”. Yet I’d be very happy (and maybe @AnniLou too?) to speak with you about the Mindful Researchers initiative and grassroots community (in which @Enrico.Fucci is also a key member). We care indeed very much about independent research and a vision for a better academia! So perhaps I could also speak about how I understand IGDORE’s goals and vision in the context of the Mindful Researchers, if desired.

Please have a look and let me (us) know if you’d like to talk with me (us)! :slight_smile:

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Dear Wolfgang,

Wow that sounds really great and I would love to chat with you! Let me organize my things and see when I can come to Graz :slight_smile:

Cheers, Heidi

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