Open discussion: "Beyond kindness: a proposal for the flourishing of science and scientists"

A couple of years ago, attendees to the Lorentz Center Workshop on mindfulness research and clinical applications started a dialogue about ethics in science. The dialogue has since continued, incorporating new ideas and contributors. We are finally able to share a preprint where we discuss

  1. the alignment of an ethical framework of flourishing derived from the Buddhist tradition with the values of science itself and
  2. how this framework could be embodied in academic practice, from individual to organizational levels

in response to the need of recasting science from a competitively managed activity of knowledge production to a collaboratively organized moral practice that puts kindness and sharing at its core.

This forum thread is meant to be an open space where to collect comments, critiques and suggestions with the intention of moving this dialogue beyond academic discourse, towards a broader community of practice and applications.

Any contribution is welcome!

The Flourishing Science Think Tank

here the preprint DOI: 10.31231/


Nice proposal @Enrico.Fucci and co-authors!

I like that the proposal manages to discuss a fairly broad topic like the flourishing of science in the context of just four (immeasurable) values. I felt like the range of values we considered was too broad when we tried to discuss shared scientific values in the AIMOS 2021 conference, where as four values provides a lot more focus.

The recommendations around compassion reminded me of this talk by Sam Arbesman: Strive for more Acknowledgements - YouTube

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