The Open Scientist Handbook is ready for comment and discussion

<> For open science to transform the academy, technology is not sufficient. Culture changes in hundreds (thousands) of academy organizations will need to be contemplated, discussed, argued, and implemented. But how do you, as a working scientist, become an open science culture change agent? Where do you start? What do you need to know? You already know that culture can work against your interests, and against the interests of scientific work (perverse incentives, etc.). How can you make culture work to nourish the new, transparent, open, generous, abundant, and kind outcomes that are the promise of open science.? Take a look at the Open Science Handbook. It’s a reference work you can use to become an open science change agent in your department, laboratory, college, learned society, or research agency. Let me know what you think!

The next step is to work together to build “play books” that capture the actual culture change experiments from organizations around the globe. I’m looking for culture change agents who want to create collective intelligence around the work of culture change for open science!


Amazing @brucecaron! I’ve enjoyed reading chapters of this that you’ve posted to Medium and have downloaded it to read. This might take me a while, but I’ll give some feedback as I go through it.

A quick practical comment - when I downloaded everything as a pdf from pubpub it ended up at 200 mb+ but reduced to <5 mb after compressing the images. Might be worth compressing the images you’ve used to make the autogenerated download files a bit friendlier (although it’s really cool that pubpub creates a variety of formats for download!)

Good idea… I can create a compressed PDF as the default download.

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@brucecaron, I’m about a third of the way through the handbook and am enjoying it a lot - it really speaks to me :smiley:

A suggestion would be to have some examples of places that have made good progress in the different aspects of open science so far. I.e. what is an organisation that sets a good example in terms of strategies, norms, and rules for open science? Even if there hasn’t been a formal analysis done on this, I assume some organisations stand out to the OS community (although I admit there may not yet be any organisations that have made much progress on some aspects of open science). I suggest this as the material on what to do (and sometimes what not to do), and how you’ll benefit is great, but I can easily see folks struggling on how to actually implement all of this without an example to follow. This might be what you are getting at with respect to ‘playbooks’?

Another point is that the handbook is well, pretty long. As the ideas mature I think it would be good to develop developing shorter summary documents, infographics, presentations, etc. so the material can be more quickly digested, especially by busy (i.e. senior) academics. I expect this will evolve naturally during the practical implemntation of open science reforms.

Other practical comments - it might be useful to have a complete section to sub-section heading numbering. I’m reading on a kindle and it’s a bit hard to keep track of where I am otherwise. Also, some top-level headings (like Fierce Equality) are in the PubPub Contents but not the initial table of contents.

Ping @Enrico.Fucci + @Wolfgang.Lukas - tentatively, I think some of the ideas in the handbook (particularly the kindness aspect) would align well with what I know (which isn’t much…) of the contemplative and mindful researcher initiatives.

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Hi @Gavin, Great suggestions. Thanks. I’m proposing “PlayBooks” to supplement the Handbook, so that use cases, either new or in progress, can record their culture change efforts.
I’m taking a bit of time away, as the Handbook was a chore to finish. I am hoping others can join the community on PubPub and add their ideas to this document and new ones. (If you get a PubPub account, I can add you to the community… same for others).
I really like the idea of creating one-pagers for the topics in the Handbook! Let me look into numbering of headers… not sure PubPub can go there. Again thanks for the feedback! Have a great new year.

PubPub is not a “social” space, so it’s hard to do conversations there… SO… I’m starting an open collaborative network community on Hylo: Please share this INVITATION…

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Great, I joined both PubPub and Hylo. Btw, if you’d like, we could also make either an open or closed category on the forum if you’d like to continue some discussions here.

I’m going to draw people to Hylo from a bunch of open science orgs. I know it’s an “empty dance floor” right now… but let’s see what it looks like this time next year. I’ll keep cross-posting to the forum, and to the various Slack teams.

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are needed… all the best… :slight_smile:

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