Creating a new open access / open peer-review journal

Hello! A group of researchers, of which I am part, want to create a new journal based on open science principles. I would really appreciate your feedback on ScienceOpen as a hosting solution (we are going to meet them on Monday for a demo of their service), alternative managed solutions and/or ideas on how to host and run it in a DIY fashion using open-source software and our own servers. Many thanks!


If i have money, i would go for it… I’ve discussed the same idea with stephanie by skype, checked out scienceopen, and the only stumbling block for institutional cooperation was money… :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the feedback! Yeah, it’s quite expensive compared to running Open Journal Systems in our own server or some other open source solution. We are pondering about the pros and cons.

well, i searched for this extensively and exhaustively for a few years… @dasaptaerwin / @Dasapta_Erwin_Irawan can testify to that… :slight_smile:

lots of information in our internal whatsapp group… would fish them out when time permits…

at the moment, i suggest you use the wikijournal platform… wiki lends itself to open access, open peer review and much more… :slight_smile:

you may even get funding from the wikimedia folks… :slight_smile:

@EnricGTorrents, PeerJ is launching PeerJx. Might be of interest, and maybe you’d get some benefits for being an early adopter.

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Wiki journalnis an interesting platform. I’d like to send a manuscript there in the near future.

Btw yes i can testify that. But it’s not you who was exhausted, it was me just by looking at your whatsapp messages every early morning :D.


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Ping @jo.havemann who’s running AfricArxiv, @rickcarlsson who’s running the journal Meta-Psychology, and @pcmasuzzo who’s one of my favourite open access experts.

Thank you all for the responses! I had no idea about the existence of Wikijournals, nor about PeerJ. I will study all these options as soon as I have a chance.

BTW, do you know if when creating a journal at scienceopen is it possible to run it using a separate domain name? Because they only offered us the option of it being hosted as a subdomain of during the demo, and didn’t clarify on the topic when prompted about it in a follow-up email.

Best regards, Enric

If even the ucl journal website using the scienceopen system is using a sub-domain name, i think not… :frowning:

Interesting! We use OJS and have help from our university with hosting. This type of free hosting will be available on a national scale in Sweden in the next years. There are other initiatives, for example psych open. OJS is functional and as good (or bad…) as commercial versions of manuscript centrals, IMO.


Wow, so good to hear that you will have this kind of national support available in Sweden. Thanks for pointing to PsychOpen, didn’t know about them and it looks like a terrific option!!