on-merrit webinar: Open Science as a driver to change?

Hi all, I’ll be giving a webinar tomorrow June 11 at 2pm CEST: ON-MERRIT webinar series | on-merrit

It’s an event within the on-merrit project, I’ll talk about Open Science, especially as a driver for a much-needed change within the academic traditional research.

You can register here: Meeting Registration - Zoom

And I will be posting my slides on zenodo afterwards, and a link here as well.




Thanks for sharing @pcmasuzzo! I’m going to try and attend.

I hadn’t heard of on-merrit before but I really like the project’s description:

ON-MERRIT is a 30 month project funded by the European Commission to investigate how and if open and responsible research practices could worsen existing inequalities.

Our multidisciplinary team uses qualitative and computational methods in order to examine advantages and disadvantages in Open Science and Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) . ON-MERRIT aims at eventually suggesting a set of evidence-based recommendations for science policies, indicators and incentives, which could address and mitigate cumulative (dis)advantages, so called Matthew effects .

The project acronym stands for O bserving and N egating M atthew E ffects in R esponsible R esearch & I nnovation T ransition.

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Looking forward to the slides. To rid the academy of Matthew effect practices and desires is a large part of why culture change is at the center of open science. Societies that are successful against narcissism spend a lot of cultural energy in this effort. Tyson Yunkaporta notes that 80% (estimate) of aboriginal culture was used to curtail narcissism and so, Matthew effects. Same goes for the Koisan in Southern Africa (check out Widlok or Suzman’s ethnographies). Perhaps open science needs fierce equality to succeed.


Thanks, @brucecaron! Here are the slides: Open Science as a driver to change? | Zenodo


Fantastic presentation! Was it also recorded?

Yes it was! I believe the video will be uploaded on YT. The updates (link etc) will be on the on-merrit webpage :slight_smile:

This was a great talk @pcmasuzzo!

Open Science is where we want to go and how we want to get there.

I actually asked the question about if the values that can replace (or until now have been avoided by) ‘research excellence’ have been discussed anywhere.

The theme of the Unconference has actually moved towards Scholarly Values. I hope that the event can further this discussion, at least as far as the values of scholars align with the broader values of research and academia. The point your host made at the end of the questions, that discussion on values often take place in closed venues and doesn’t get disseminated is also important and we are trying to organise the unconference so that it results in some postable (if not publishable) material about scholarly values (cc @arika.virapongse). More on the unconference next week :smiley:

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Thank you Bruce. Yes narcissism is our main problem.

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Thank you Paola for the slides. I don’t think the recording is available on Youtube.

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You can find it here ON-MERRIT webinar on Open Science as a driver to change? | on-merrit

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