Ongoing fieldwork in Sweden on shared decision making in mental health

Dear all, in the context of a fieldwork research in Sweden on mental health, I am planning to interview at least 126 experts during the next two years: a balanced mix of both experts by training (practitioners) and by experience (users and ex-users, not in crisis as excluding criteria) with also other considerations to make it a representative minimum sample. Hopefully during the two years I will be able to reach a higher number and much more insight on how to best apply shared decision making / other improvements to lower coercion / rise effectiveness, customized care and the respect of agency and the rights of patients in all stages of treatment: my research question, which I will work using a mixed-methods approach. Attaching the Ethix proposal, to further explain the research plan. Also looking for co-authors and collaborations with researchers (incl. citizen scientists) working on that or related topics. My own work also delved into the use of expert systems, generative chatbots, neurotech, Internet of Things and wearables, and other solutions still not widely implemented in healthcare.

Please contact me at or here if interested!

Ethix - Project application - Rücklab - Enric Garcia Torrents proposal.pdf (137.1 KB)