Call for co-researchers on open health well-being tracking, own crowd-funding

Dear colleagues,

This is a call to join a crowd-funding project. Any researchers, developers, and mental health professionals are welcome to apply to join our team. The crowd-funding is set on experiment, approved yet not started. Pending completing the team membership, setting the goals and milestones in a new timeline and funding objectives. The project aims to develop an open-source expert system for mental health monitoring in high-stress jobs. The system will collect data on communication, routines, and bio-metrics to provide personalized support to individuals. It will also be used for research and collaboration among researchers and developers.

Specific Goals

  • Develop a base low-end open hardware and software solution, as a foundation for further developments, to address the specific mental health needs of high-stress workers.
  • Collect data on communication patterns, interactions, routines, and bio-metrics to identify signs of stress and burnout.
  • Use AI algorithms to analyze data and generate personalized risk assessments.
  • Provide real-time feedback and recommendations to help individuals manage stress and improve their mental health.
  • Develop a collaboration platform for researchers and developers to share data, best practices, and insights.
  • Make the system affordable and accessible to all by making it open-source.

More information on the website and the site itself. To be updated soon, as the team making effort process takes place. We are excited to embark on this journey to develop a groundbreaking mental health monitoring tool. We believe that this system has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of millions of people. If you are passionate about improving mental health and want to be a part of this important project, please join us today. Please email at, thank you!

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Specifically looking for a team member from U.K., U.S. Canada or Ireland to fill own financial requirements when it comes to collecting the funds. Even if only as fundings manager as his or her sole responsibility in the research project.

Edit: we have managed to sort the financial management requisite already. Still looking for team members to join in, though. Specially developers (Python, R) and engineers to work on the open hardware devices (i.e. PineTime) required improvements to add better health tracking capabilities. If possible Iā€™d like to include your endorsement on my project page. Endorsements and comments to the project at are also greatly appreciated. In example, any feedback on how to better approach the application itself, what other metrics to track, how to do so (open hardware smartwatch, scale,ā€¦) and also get proposals on the implementation process, tests and research on the effectiveness once a working beta version is ready. Thanks you for it all!

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