ReMO conference in June 2023 on Researcher Mental Health

The ReMO COST Action warmly invites participation in the exploration of the theme “Evidence-Based Interventions for Fostering Healthy Academic Workplaces” at the Second Conference of the Researcher Mental Health Observatory (ReMO 2023).

We aim to collaborate, share and discuss the latest research and practice in Researcher Mental Health and Well-being as we work to achieve the objectives of the Researcher Mental Health and Well-being Manifesto.

How can stakeholders in the research environment develop interventions tackling this challenge in a rapidly changing world? We therefore hope for an inspiring conference with presentations, workshops and keynotes that will not only showcase the newest findings about the cognitive, motivational, and emotional aspects of Researcher Mental Health and Well-being, but will also be a place to discuss the global challenges that shape the present and will define the future of our research workplaces.

The conference will be a hybrid conference of free online participation and in-person attendance on 13th-15th June at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. ReMO Working Group Meetings will take place on 13th June with conference session taking place on 14th-15th June. The draft programme of the ReMO 2023 Conference can be downloaded here:

Travel grants: Limited number of travel grants are available, please express your interest at this form:

Registration: The ReMO COST Action covers most of the organisational expenses related to the conference. There is a small registration fee for attending the conference in person (REMO Conference Budapest 2023 – Registration for social events - SciLink Foundation). This is to cover the cost of catering and the conference dinner (if you choose to attend). COST Rules do not allow to reimburse the Local Organiser for catering because attendees with a travel grant have a daily allowance that covers the cost of meals. Paying twice for the same expense is considered to be “double funding” and all funding agencies are very strict on “double funding”.

If you want to attend online, you don’t need to pay for registration. Please register here: Meeting Registration - Zoom

If you have any questions relating to the conference, please contact Brian Cahill at

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Nature also highlighted this topic recently.

A mental-health crisis is gripping science — toxic research culture is to blame

With researchers repo rting high rates of anxiety and depression, calls are growing to fundamentally change science before it’s too late.


I was there, we talked about what the network should do once the action is over. On my end proposed a further action (in fact, with several colleagues are working on a Horizon call and COST proposal) involving open / citizen science, education and mental health. Also open as open code and open hardware, health technologies in general. More than happy to chat with anyone with an interest in these topics and exchange ideas, engage and work together these couple or so months before both proposals are submitted. See if we can connect, knit a stronger network.

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