Open scholarship for the arts, humanities and social sciences (Sept. 22 - 2-4 PM CET)

How relevant is the open research and scholarship agenda to the arts, humanities and social science disciplines?

As momentum builds to make scientific research more accountable and transparent, through the use of open research initiatives, such as pre-registration of research projects and the use of preprints, this is a timely moment to consider the relevance and importance of open scholarship for other academic disciplines.

To what extent can the initiatives proposed by the scientific community be directly transposed to other contexts? Or do the concerns of the arts, humanities and social sciences demand their own approaches to open scholarship?

Topics for discussion in this workshop will include:

  • philosophical approaches to making and sharing interpretations of data and other research materials
  • opportunities and challenges for arts and humanities researchers seeking to take an open scholarship approach
  • the suitability of software tools for research practices which are not oriented towards a scientific approach

@arika.virapongse, this might be of interest to scholars at Ronin? @Enrico.Fucci same re. the Mindful Researchers?