ORCID integration

It’s now possible to log in and sign up to the forum using ORCID by selecting “Log In with ORCID” on the log in screen. To log in to an existing account it must first be connected to ORCID by pressing the ORCID Connect button in the forum Account Preferences.

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Works for me, thanks for setting this up @dbernt! (I also saw its possible to sign in via Github as well, which I didn’t realize was possible)

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From the June newsletter:

IGDORE is starting to use the Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID). Our first step is providing log-in and sign-up to the forum using ORCID - try connecting your ORCID to your forum account, we hope you find it useful!

We’d also like to remind all affiliates using ORCID to add IGDORE as an entry in your biography. Additionally, please check that this correctly links to the IGDORE institutional ID (see Step 3 here).

We plan to start trialling ORCID on IGDORE’s site and for managing affiliation details, such as receiving updates about our researchers’ new publications. As more affiliated researchers link their ORCID accounts to IGDORE’s identifier, IGDORE will benefit more from integrating ORCID’s services.

In a case, anybody would like to seem more about the features ORCID IGDORE could benefit from using, see their Research Organisations page and the video below:

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Ronin looked into getting an institutonal account a while back, but at the time it seemed pretty expensive for a small non-profit, like $10k or so. Has that changed?

Actually more like $5k now that I think about, but even that seems way too too high. $500/year seems reasonable for an organization with very little, or any revenue, no full time staff. Seems like an exception should be made for organizations like IGDORE and Ronin, given that (at least in Ronin’s case) we don’t run like even a typical non-profit with fundraising.

Somehow I got the impression that using ORCID services as a non-profit/research organisation would be free (maybe because I’ve used it as freely as a researcher for a long time). As you point out, organizational membership is required to use their member API, and even the basic plan is not cheap:

  • Standard (single legal entity): US$5,150
  • Non-profit organizations are eligible for a 20% discount
  • Start-up organizations [<$200k revenue] are eligible for a 75% discount

I agree that this is a bit much - if the billing model was proportional to usage (e.g. API calls) then I imagine the expected price would be more suitable to the requirements that small organisations like IGDORE and Ronin would have than a flat fee.

However, ORCID has both a public and member API (which I found in their FAQ for small publishers):

What are the differences between the public and member APIs?

  1. The public API is available for everyone to use. It must be linked to an individual user’s ORCID iD and, if that individual leaves your organization, you will need to set up a new integration. You can use the public API to collect authenticated ORCID iDs and to read publicly available information in ORCID records
  2. The member API is only available to members. In addition to collection authenticated iDs and reading publicly available information, you can also read information marked Trusted Parties, and connect information to ORCID records, for example, about your authors’ publications. Basic membership entitles you to one set of credentials (one integration), while premium membership provides you with up to five sets of credentials (five integrations)

It looks like even the public API could be quite useful, at least for letting users display their ORCID badge on the IGDORE site and also for finding members new IGDORE affiliated publications. (This is a pain for us - I search GoogleScholar monthly but I’m sure I miss some.)

Yeah, looks like individual usage is free, but not the institutional membership. Interesting to learn about the public API - will check that out. We have the same problem trying to find all Ronin publications to feature on social media etc.

By the way, Eric Olson from ORCID (who I know from my involvement with the CESTEMER conference) has been trying to reach out to IGDORE - let me know who I can put him in touch with.


He can contact me, daniel.berntsson@igdore.org .

@dbernt, already in touch with Eric but I’ll CC you into future emails. I replied to Alex via PM, should have indicated it here - sorry for the confusion! (this also ended up being about OSF not ORCID)