Program Associate/Senior Program Associate - Innovation Policyjob

Go make metascience (and innovation more broadly) happen!

Our Innovation Policy program sits within the larger Scientific Research focus area at Open Philanthropy and seeks to drive economic growth without unduly increasing risks from emerging technologies. The program launched in November 2022 with the goal of safely accelerating scientific and technological progress to improve life for billions of people.

Current strategies in Innovation Policy focus on:

  • Building a scientific ecosystem that learns from experimentation.
  • Supporting early-stage technologies with the potential to significantly accelerate scientific progress.
  • Reforming policies to facilitate skilled migration.
  • Providing financial support for individuals to write ‘living literature reviews.’
  • Funding initiatives to identify and minimize potential catastrophic risks.

Our grantmaking efforts are ongoing, with plans to expand into diverse projects in the future. Some of the grants we’ve recommended include J-PAL’s Science for Progress Initiative, the Institute for Replication, Speculative Technologies’ Brains training program, the Talent Mobility fund, and the Institute for Progress.

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