Research consultancy - how to start?

Hi all,

I would like to start providing research consultancy / grant writing / data analytics services. I think, I do have de necessary experience but to be honest I feel a bit stuck with where to start.

I know, there are some of you, who are actively doing these kind of activities, and I guess there would be plenty who would be interested in the topic. Not sure about the current status of the collaborative proposal about research consultancy Research Consultancy (collaborative proposal)

So I would be interested in where / how to start, if there are enough inquiries of interest, maybe we could start an open discussion about the topic.

Thanks, András

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Nice chatting today @andras.hartmann!

After our talk I recall that the site I pointed you toward has also done a review of KolabTree which might be interesting to you or others

IGDORE affiliate and Ronin Scholar @zoya.marinova has also been interviewed about her work on th platform:

(as a personal note, I used KolabTree for a while after first leaving academia and had mixed experiences which I described briefly here)