Sabbaticals on Bali

We will start offering sabbaticals at IGDORE’s Bali Campus. Would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see included in such a package!

Here are some thoughts from us:

  • accommodation (for the whole family)
  • a car and/or motorbike
  • airport pickup
  • local SIM card(s) for the mobile (for the whole family)
  • workspace at the Bali Campus (for the adults in the family)
  • help finding schools/daycare for the kids
  • help finding equipment for babies and toddlers (e.g. booster, stroller, diapers)
  • a few selected high-quality excursions

Any thoughts or suggestions?


That’s great! I’m strongly considering it for Jan-Feb next year. Will keep you posted!


As someone who did this for a few months in 2018, I just want to share that this was one of the best experiences of my life. Rebecca and the IGDORE team are wonderful, and the place itself is beautiful beyond reason. Perfect for relaxing while increasing your creativity and productivity. Strongly recommended!


It seems the Open Science Meeting Bali (OSM) will become an annual event. It has been organised in February during both 2018 and 2019, so if you come in February 2020 you might also be able to join OSM!

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And @Michael might also come?

@jon_tennant, you mentioned on Twitter that you’re considering it for April next year?

IGDORE’s global board (@jo.havemann, @Enrico.Fucci, @antonio.schettino, @dbernt, and myself) will likely meet on Bali in January 2020 for a one week board meeting. Enrico is considering to stay for about a month. How about Jo?

Would be really great if we’re a bunch of open & replicable science people there at the same time! If so, maybe someone would be interested in putting together a discussion/seminar series or something. A science retreat? Reading group? Other ideas?

I could probably come for January too for a few weeks, as I’m free between end of Nov and end of Jan at the moment. All depends on my financial status though at the time. Would totally love to see you all in the new year! :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

So, I’m considering this more seriously now that the time is getting closer. It looks like I’m going to be there now from around the beginning of December until the end of January. Is anyone else up for a relaxation/writing retreat? :slight_smile:


Earlier today I suggested to the IGDORE board that maybe we should take the initiative to organise an informal retreat of some kind in January when we’ll anyway have a bunch of open & replicable scientists around at the Bali campus. Just heard from Australia a few hours ago that they might also have someone coming in January.

@HarryManley, @gustav.nilsonne, and @Michael, when is it you’re planning on coming? Would any of you be there in January?

@amelia.zein, would you be interested in coming over in January?

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Later I’m afraid - am looking at something like Feb 24th - March 15, or so. If it works out!

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Hi @rebecca! Thanks for tagging me… :slight_smile: Of course that is very manageable given that Denpasar not too far from Surabaya, and January = term break, so it’s very possible that I’ll come along.

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Awesome, glad to hear that Amel!

Hi everyone, I am really inclined to come by as well; it’ll depend on my finances, but maybe I’ll be around on Jan! I’ll let you know if it happens.

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That would be truly awesome, Alex! Really hope to meet you here on Bali!

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I would love to try and coordinate a visit early next year if there are others around at the same time. For now, I’m thinking about visiting for a week in mid/late October to have a break from Bangkok and focus on some writing. Is anyone around next month?

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I’ll be there in October! Sandersan Onie (maybe not yet here on the forum), UNSW in Sydney, (,,) will be there for 3 days around October 10. I think it would actually be great if the two of you got to meet if you haven’t already, because you might have an overlap in interests concerning data collections.

IGDORE’s Global Board is looking at possibly organise a barcamp on new academia in January, plus there might be a repliCATS workshop around the end of January that makes it possible for people to apply for a bit of travel funds. So basically the whole of January could be of interest for hanging out on Bali. We’re looking at creating a hub around a public park with swimming pool 10 min south from IGDORE Bali Campus. There people can rent rooms, houses, villas, or simply bring a tent to camp out on some land just next to the park (making use of the toilets in the park). The park would be for hanging out, barbecue, relax - throughout January.

Harry Manley via On Science & Academia skrev: (21 september 2019 14:05:11 GMT+07:00)

Hi @rebecca, thanks for tagging me! Yes, i’ll be at the Bali Campus on the 10th of October, and super looking forward to it!

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Welcome to the forum, @Sandy_Onie! Glad to see you here! :slight_smile:

Why not have an online osm 2020? We in indonesia could help organize it. We could have it on the 20th of any month starting august. So the date would be memorable: 20-x-2020. :slight_smile:

@rebecca @Gavin @Enrico.Fucci @jo.havemann @dbernt


Just a note -> OSM = Open Science Meeting.

Here is the program for last years event:

I didn’t go to OSM 2019 (I wasn’t even an IGDORE member then!), but it looks like it was great. I’d like to attend and present, but I don’t think I have the bandwidth to contribute as an organizer.

No worries. I could organize it with some indonesian open science team friends. Might be good to reintroduce igdore in indonesia too. As it is online, the cost of travel is eliminated. Might even be free too, if @rebecca and @dbernt as well as other board members approve. But i’m fine with any cost arrangement. :slight_smile: