Study on Digital Nomad Mobility

Hey everyone! I think this forum is awesome and I am happy to be here… :pray:

I am running a think tank on the future of work (Nomad Think Tank, and we’re currently running a research project on nomad mobility. I was hoping, those of you who identify as digital nomads could take a few minutes (maximum 10 minutes) to fill in the survey:

I’ll be presenting the results at the University of Singapore soon and am hoping that my work will be helpful for policy and decision makers beyond the world of academia. Essentially, we’re trying to understand and shape the future of work in a responsible, inclusive way.

Let me know what you think. I really appreciate your support ! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum, Antonia! :wave:

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Hi Antonia,

interesting work! I just filled the survey. Eager to know more about the results!



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that would be the ‘national university of singapore’? :slight_smile: