Universal basic income: What would it mean for researchers?

This made me wonder what a universal basic income (UBI) would mean for researchers’ possibility to leave traditional academia and continue their research independently. I’m not sure how much money it will be in Spain. The recent trial in Finland had 560 EUR. Not much of course, but still something to build on together with smaller research grants and hours of consultancy and/or educational tasks.


an absolute must… throw in ‘job guarantee’ and ‘baby bond’ too… :slight_smile:

more info:

jg: https://www.pavlina-tcherneva.net/job-guarantee-faq

bb: https://sanford.duke.edu/articles/multimedia-feature-big-idea-baby-bonds

btw, piketty endorses bb… :slight_smile:

TP: Exactly, this is why at the end of the book, I describe a system of inheritance for all. What I’m proposing is a society where everybody can access property. Everybody at age 25 would receive $120,000. This makes a big difference. For people who own millions, they don’t realize that when you own $0 or you have debt or own close to $0, you cannot really take your time to make decisions. You have to accept whatever comes to you, any wage or any job, you have to take them in order to pay your bills, to pay your rent. You’re in a very weak negotiating position. The system of inheritance for all that I am describing in my book is really a way to transform the structure of bargaining power in society and to bring more equal economic participation for all socioeconomic groups.

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