'Equilibrium is an alien': the politics of scientific trading within the context of publications

I saw this survey on ResearchGate which I think may interest many of us. Let’s also initiate a discussion on this if anyone fancies:


Hi Keith,

thank you for sharing. I have completed the survey. Maybe you could invite the researcher behind it to join the discussion here on the forum!

Thanks Enrico. Is it possible for external members to join our forum? As I recall, I obtained login credentials after joining IGDORE. Or is there an alternative way for non-members of IGDORE to take part in our discussions? Please advise, and thank you for your interest in this survey. I thought that you might like it.

@keithtse it should now be possible to view the forum without signing in, and posting doesn’t require IGDORE membership, just that you create an account or link to google/credentials.

The survey looks interesting, I’ll fill it in later this week. The theme of the survey (trading publications) reminded me of another study, which (somewhat surprisingly) found that individual productivity had not increased despite additional pressure to publish from funders/universities:

Therefore, the widespread belief that pressures to publish are causing the scientific literature to be flooded with salami-sliced, trivial, incomplete, duplicated, plagiarized and false results is likely to be incorrect or at least exaggerated.


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