How Academic Bullying Led Me to Open Science

Hi all,

I wrote a story on my research journey, and IGDORE is of course part of it. You can read it here: How Academic Bullying Led This Data Scientist to Open Science

And you can leave me some comments in this thread, and here, too, if you like:


Thanks for sharing your story to Open Science @pcmasuzzo. It was nice to find out more about your path to IGDORE and I enjoyed the quotes from philosophers and sociologists of science, although I’m sad to read about the problems that led you to leave academia.

I hope that IGDORE is on track to becoming something like what you used to imagine with Jon :slight_smile:

I finally realized I didn’t belong in academia anymore. It hit me like a punch in the stomach. Jon understood my feelings: we spent our time together working on rebellious projects and imagining a different kind of university, a place where we could be ourselves and respect our ambitions, follow our freedom of thought and publish wherever we wanted to, without having to continue to obey the gods known as scientific publishers.

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Thanks for sharing this! Leaving academia to do good research is a mark of character in my opinion - it indicates an authentic desire to use one’s mind. Today, many academic institutions are businesses or ideological outlets; few academic environments allow genuine debate and sincere research. That’s why spaces like these are needed.

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Such a nice article Paola!

I subscribe to everything you wrote :slight_smile: With regards to doing research in the private sector, I would add that for the first time I feel like I can focus on actually doing research while being supported and not burdened by administration. And although motives and incentives are present (in that sense, I don’t think value-free research exists anywhere), they “make more sense” than those governing traditional academic practice.

Overall, I believe it is about navigating different spaces while being aware of not loosing integrity. For me, being in IGDORE is very helpful in that sense. A sort of kind superego :wink: