Yoga liberation theology

this article is quite long… :slight_smile:

when i was in ubud, igdore’s indonesia location, almost everyone was into yoga… reading this article reminds me of their potential… :slight_smile:

“I envision us birthing a yoga theology that is committed to extracting the demonic undertones from our greater culture – a yoga that acknowledges the dehumanizing nature of our environment’s social and political systems; and its impact on our relationships with self and our communities. I imagine us developing a moral framework that grounds yoga in an ethics of individual and collective transformation; human- and earth-based love; and deepened interconnection to all life, from our ancestors to our descendants to each and every species on this planet. I believe in a yoga that taps us into the suffering of humanity and challenges us to take action to alleviate it – by centering the needs and liberation of frontline communities, poor people, prisoners, refugees, immigrants, the homeless, and all vulnerable populations. And finally, I dream of a yoga that is politicized toward true compassion, solidarity, accessibility, equity, and healing justice.”

notes: among articles quoted in the article:

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